Class 6 Reading Notes-Ting

  • Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions in User Research
    • the title is very self explanatory and a familiar topic for someone with documentary filming experiences, but the article went into a much deeper depth. It’s interesting to note that closed-ended questions “are often good for surveys”, reminding me of the political TV shows I have watched depicting how they do polls, and at the same time open-ended questions are better for one-on-one usability testing because you want richer data.
    • tips: start with “h” and “w”, what, when, where, which, who, how, avoid why, and ask for stories
    • also discussed are best scenarios for open-ended questions: exploratory studies that are in itself open-ended in nature

  • Personas |
    • “your personas are only as good as the research behind them” is an interesting point. the benefits of personas paragraph seems a little weird, I wouldn’t call a persona a layer of “real world”considerations. Interesting to bear in mind to not have too many personas and to focus on the main audience of the product
    • love the example persona, covers a lot of ground, especially the goals and tasks and environment portion is very well written. But the demographics portion makes on uneasy especially consider all the ethic discussions about UX design/research right now

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