Class 3 Reading notes-Ting

  • Complete Beginner’s Guide to UX Research | UX Booth
    • definition: to add context and insight to the design process, it involves data gathering and synthetization, divided into quantitative and qualitative research.
    • the article then dived into a simple list of research practices, which are by no means UX specific, very similar to a lot of other research like in psychology, sociology. There is also information on experts in the field to follow, software to use and books to read. All in all like the title suggest this is a very intro level article about UX research, there is not that much depth to it, nor unique insight, but a simple gathering of facts

  • Design research: why you need it | Cooper
    • it’s interesting to finally compare design research with market research, there is also a focus on interpreting the data in this article, focusing on translating data into actionable formats, which is crucial.
    • the downfall of the article again is in its depth, it’s more like a quick bite article to preach the importance of design research rather than teaching actually how to do it, which is obvious judging by it’s title, the target demographics of the articles are office leaders rather than people who will be doing the actual research

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