Final Presentations 4/26

7min + 10min prepared presentation that will include:

  • A clear story of your project. It should include:
    • A condensation of your findings (not the full findings report-ie key numbers, key quotes, journey map)
    • Explanation of your process, and why you chose your direction
      (you should be able to demonstrate in the research why you chose that direction)
    • Clear and visual representations of current and future user flows and Interaction models
    • Sitemap/System map outlining the full scope of the project
    • Interfacing recipes either from IFTTT, Workflow or TEMBOO or a visualization of an interfacing formula. (specifically relies on previously not considered data/sensors as sources that will enhance the intelligence for your project)
    • A clear description and representation of the Value/Delight your project brings to the targeted users
    • Hi Res-Wireframes (They don’t have to be digital) with clear functionality details > Clear concept flow visualization >this is if you are changing behavior/experience without tech or non screen based interfaces
    • A prototype of the concept or of a part of the concept (paper or otherwise)

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