In Class Exercise


Last week we were focusing on addressing people’s mobile addiction,we designed for people who have poor self-control and can’t resist the problem of not watching their mobile phones often, helping them to focus on daily learning and work more concentrically. Our solution is to limit the use of mobile phones through the App, and to help users avoid interference from mobile phone information and other factors that may induce users to check phones within the user-defined time limit during which they are not supposed to be distracted. The method used in the app is that when the user can’t help checking the mobile phone during the time when the screen is locked by the app, a “donate to charity” screen will appear on the interface to remind the user that if the user violates the previously set restrictions, the bank card user authorized to the app will be automatically deducted a certain amount of money for donations to charities. Such a method can reduce the user’s resentment when being punished and abandon the application. And quantitative change lead to qualitative change. When the user continues to violate the agreement and the accumulated loss touches user’s bottom line of endurance, he will gradually limit his behaviors himself. Then the app achieves its goal.

During the design process, I feel like the ideation process of One-minute exercise is too rush to allow contemplation of thoughts. In the process of forming the ideas, the thinking time I contributed to generating each idea is very limited, and when I come back later to deeply think about the potential development and feasibility of those idea, I will find that most of the ideas are invalid with no practical significance. This process led me to generate ideas very mechanically, without producing enough practical design ideas or creative ideas. If possible, I hope that I can spend more time thinking about the ideas I generate during the initiation phase.

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