In Class Exercise January 25th, 2019

Our team’s problem statement is that to solve the problem of the disturbance of notifications from the apps as well as saving the time one spend on each app.

Our final solution is to create two modes for the phones during usage. One mode is the regular mode which the user will be using in the a regular basis. When the user get notifications, these notifications will appear in their home screen as different categories, like social, shopping, working, etc. After seeing these notifications, one would unlock his or her phone. After that, he or she has the option to expand the notification category to see detailed notifications. If one is not responding to the notification from a specific app after 5 minutes, it will be sorted into those categories automatically. By doing this, one save time in reading each specific notification.

The other mode is the focus mode which is going to be used when the user want to spend some time in real life doing something without disturbance. The user first need to set up the emergency contact for the phone, since he or she is not allowed to use any apps on the phone. After that, is the user want to open a specific app, she or he needs to answer a list of questions in order to do that. Once the user has logged in, is she or he stays using the app for too long, there will be ads pop up to prevent the user from keep using the app. In this way, the user is disturbed constantly by using the phone, and therefore, he or she can stay focused on his task.

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